The Crew


Hi, I know the title says CREW but in fact, it is just me.  The cats have been added as a way of introducing them and making you aware that they are in the house & of course being cats, didn’t want to be left out.

So, a little about me, over the years I have worked for the NHS as well as office work for an engineering company, currently, along with my dad I am a carer for my mum who had a stroke in 2018.

I made the decision to train as a Person Centred Counsellor after having had counselling during a really difficult time in my life.  I’d found the sessions hard but because of the relationship developed with my counsellor, the feeling of acceptance, of not being judged and more importantly being listened to genuinely, I came away with a deeper understanding of myself & the realisation that despite the stigma surrounding counselling here was something I had come to truly believe in.

During training and since qualifying in 2017 I have volunteered for various services working with a diverse range of clients that have allowed me to share their journeys.  Along with my private work I also volunteer for an NHS service working with clients experiencing loss as well as those with a cancer diagnosis.

I look forward to meeting you should you decide counselling is something you would like to explore.


Hi I’m George, I am a Tabby, short haired exotic.  I am full of mischief and constantly making mum & dad smile.  I am not allowed into mum’s therapy room, but you may hear me occasionally having a scratch at the door just to remind her that I am still here……after all it is ALL ABOUT ME!


Hi I’m Mildred or Millie for short and I am a long-haired exotic.  I am also the older sister to my adopted brother, George.  No idea what possessed the parents to add him to the family as he’s been nothing but a nuisance since he arrived.  I doubt you will ever see me as I keep myself to myself, in fact the parents rarely see me!